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   My Parkinson's Blog                                - my writings there


       My Complete Photo Albums                          Heather's Artwork - Great Lakes Girl Designs


               My Parkinson's Facebook Page            The Tribute to the Macho Dude and His Son Photo Page


Dead Mouths Story Blog                              My Hiking Blog 


My Super Natural Writer's Page on Facebook               My Amazon Writer's Page

My Facebook Page                                                       Wedding Pictures

The Portal to College Success                          Music Blog (not updated in years)

My Iraqi Deployment                                               My Amazon Writer's Page

            My Youtube Videos                        Baseball blog - not updated in years


Dinosaur Adventures at the Carnegie Musem                          Dylan (AKA Big D) Pictures   

The Glass Family Tree                                         Old Teaching Files Downloads Page

The Standing Stone Trail Homepage           Every Day is an Adventure Blog (not updated in years)   

My Nana and Grandpa Manny's Wedding                    Paranormal England

My Amazon Listmania Books List                 Bury St. Edmunds Memories

My 6th Grade Autobiography

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